Speaker and Teaching

I'm available for speaking engagements in California and parts of Nevada. Please use the form on the Contact Me page if you are interested in having me speak to your group. I have spoken at meetings, schools, churches, led workshops at conferences, and taught adult classes on the following topics:

Fun in the 1800s

For adults or kids interested in history. Based on research and stories my grandfather told me about growing up in the 1870s, 80s, and 90s, this can either be a single one-hour session or two to three shorter talks.

Introduction to American Sign Language

Six to 12 one-hour classes to help you get started. (Once you know the basics I encourage you to learn more from someone who is deaf.) I worked at California School for the Deaf for many years, and raised three Deaf foster sons.

Uses of Sign Language in the Church

An introduction to meeting the needs of hearing impaired and Deaf people and the differences between them. I have been a Sign Language interpreter in churches of several denominations.

Helping People With Invisible Disabilities

A workshop based on personal  experience and information from people I know.

Getting Kids Ready to Read

For teachers and parents of young children

Easy Field Trips

For Preschool, Kindergarten, and Special Ed teachers

Using Sign Language With Babies and Children

For teachers and parents

Choosing Child Care or Preschools

For parents of babies and young children

School Days For Beginning Writers

For adults or kids

Writing for the Religious Market

For writers' conferences and groups

Writing for the Secular Market

For Christian writers' conferences and groups

How Can God Use What I Write?

For Christian writers' conferences and church groups

Janet Ann Collins

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