Opening Eyes, Opening Hearts

Janet Ann Collins

For information about my books please go to the Books page. All of my books are available for purchase online, such as Amazon or Barnes & Noble, and local bookstores can order them.

Do you love kids? Or are you a kid? Do you like to read? If so, you've come to the right place.

You can find out about the published writing, speaking, and teaching I do by clicking on the other links.

Besides being a writer, speaker, and teacher I've been a parent, foster parent of kids with special needs, and I'm now a grandparent.

In addition to being an author, my claims to fame are:       
Although I don't know how to dance, I once performed with the Joffrey Ballet at the San Francisco Opera House.      
As a student working in a library I got so good at mending books they let me mend a Gutenberg Bible.    
I once had a conversation with Koko the gorilla who knows American Sign Language.

Here's what I look like: 

Writer, Speaker, Teacher